Important Update Regarding Uniform Orders

Important update from Phenomenal Dancewear

Date 07/03/2019

Phenomenal are always working towards improving the service to our customers. It has been a long and difficult road but Phenomenal have now established themselves with a company who provide exceptional sublimation
products and have been working with us over the last number of months to address some issues we have been having.


These being:


Delivery times for repeat and top up orders

Both Phenomenal and our manufacturer know how important it is to be able to offer repeat orders/top ups for existing schools and this has been a massive challenge for us and the manufacturer to process these requests
effectively in a timely fashion. Our manufacturer receives so many small orders for different schools this is causing a number of issues on the production line and is causing delays and errors which is ultimately leading to our customers
being let down with late delivery’s. Having discussed this in depth with our manufacturer we have agreed that we need to change the way we work going forward to help our customers and resolve the manufacturing issues on the
production lines.

Therefore from the 14 March 2019 we will be adopting a new policy for repeat/top ups orders for our schools which will ultimately resolve most of these issues and we have the full backing from our manufacturer these changes
will lead to an improved service.

We will process top-ups and repeat orders with our manufacturer on the following dates:


What this means to your school and parents?

- Regardless of when an order is put in, it will only be processed and delivered on the agreed dates above. For example if you place an order on the 15/03/2019, this order is only processed with our manufacturer on the
29/03/2019 and will be delivered no later than the W/C 13/05/2019.

- The ordering process is exactly the same, and a parent should continue as normal i.e. ordering through the website only with the new understanding that their order is processed and delivered according to the
timetable above.

We will add this onto our website so that parents can see the changes we are implementing going forward. We understand that this change may be very different from what your used to but hopefully you will see that having
clear defined dates will ultimately lead to a better service throughout.

I would ask that all parents are given a copy of this message, so that everyone is aware of the changes going forward and knows what’s happening as this will be live from the 14th March 2019 and we will do as much as we can to
communicate this out, but ultimately we do not have every parents contact details so will expect this to be distributed via teachers to parents.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes please contact Phenomenal Dancewear using the contact details below.

Please let me take the opportunity to thank you for your continued support and business with Phenomenal.

Phone 07450849063